Desert Safari: 23/10/16

  1. an expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat, especially in East Africa.

I saw some camels and a gazelle’s shadow.

Beats me why they’ve advertised the excursion as such but it was fun nonetheless. The day began with our guide picking us up from the Espada residence (Massimo and I were of course adopted Espadas for the day). There were six of us: Obed and Charlene, Ismael and Monica and Massimo and I. Our guide’s name was Haris, I believe, although it could also have been Aris or Auris. However, when the dune bashing started, he was called a plethora of names. Some I won’t mention here.


We were thrown hither and thither in the SUV and someone’s husband in particular spent most of the ride shouting all sorts, although he claimed this was mostly for comedic value. Sure…

We ended up at the camp where we could take part in a number of Arabic cultural activities such as henna, camel riding, sand boarding, and our favourite: wearing the Abaya and Kandura so we could really fit in!



Us and Ahmed!


Massimo looking like royalty in his Kandura.


Kandura and Abaya.


Le célfie.


Real chit chat. Not just for photographic purposes.

NB: there are no pictures of me sand boarding as I spent most of the time stationary.

We spent the remainder of the night eating a buffet of Arabic food (mixed grills, salad, rice, bread, humous etc), watching a belly dancing show and star gazing. Not forgetting constant laughter with the Americans of the group (66.6%) trying to imitate a South Londoner. “Leave it ‘aat mate!”

If you’re ever in the UAE, a desert safari should be at the top of your to-do list. Not for the purpose of seeing animals but because you’ll have a whale of a time!

See what I did there..?


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