Blogmas #2 – 6 Ways I’m bringing Christmas to Abu Dhabi

As you may be aware, it’s my first time spending Christmas in the UAE this year! It’s a big deal as it’s the first I’ve ever spent away from my family and friends. It’s still about 25 degrees Celsius in the day, plus I live in a Muslim country so I’m trying extra hard to create a Christmassy vibe. Below are 6 ways that have helped!

1. DIY Christmas Decor

I’ve mentioned in my latest post that Christmas decorations are flipping expensive here. So I decided to make my own bunting out of red and Earth-coloured wrapping paper from Ace. Looks pretty ace, too, if you ask me…

2. Fake presents under the tree

I’m not buying anything for anyone this year other than Massimo. So until his real presents got here, there were (and still are to be honest) some empty but very well-wrapped shoeboxes under the tree. They’re successfully bringing in some Christmas cheer, methinks.

3. Church Christmas Social

Bring and Share + Church Fam = Good Times! Have you ever heard of the game Mafia? I’ll say no more.

4. Watching Christmas Movies and Banging Christmas Playlists

What better way to get in the Christmas spirit than to subject my husband to ‘snow jams’ all day and a Classic Christmas movie each night?

Whats your favourite Christmas Movie and song of all time? Hit me up in the comments!

5. Carols in the Desert

One of the local churches organise Carols in the Desert each year and I’m glad we finally went! We drove about an hour from our island into the desert where loads of people gathered under the stars. People brought their camping gear, their BBQs and got comfortable. Sipping on complementary hot chocolate, we sang along to old classics and reminisced of colder nights…

6. Christmas Day Brunch!

Instead of the traditional Christmas Dinner at home with the family, Mass and I have decided to ‘do as the Romans do’ and go out for a Brunch on Christmas Day. Instead of spending most of the day behind the stove (and sink because according to my mum, I’m the dishwasher), we’re sacking it off this year and having a 3 and a half hours of unlimited food and drink at a local hotel. Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas, Helen x


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