Blogmas #5 – 3 Wise Men

My last post was an inward reflection about my life has changed over the past four years. I think it’s important to reflect on ourselves at the end of the year (and throughout) but it’s also important to think of others and celebrate their achievements too. With that said, this blogpost is dedicated to three wise men I know who have killed it in 2018 and are undoubtedly going to have an amazing 2019 too. You heard it here first!

Shae Jacobs

My brother from another mother! Shae has been a songwriter for some time now and recently made the switch back to being both singer and songwriter. I remember back in Year 9 when Shae (or Seyi back then) made many of us cry at the back of the 601 with his angelic voice. I remember declaring that day that he would sing at my wedding and guess what? Fourteen years later, I walked down the aisle to the sound of his voice.

So to see him move permanently to LA and release new music this year has been fabulous. He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet – he always goes the extra mile for those he loves and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of success more than this guy right here! 

Check out his stuff on all music platforms.

Koby Adom

Another friend from the legendary 601 school bus. We had to look out for each other back then because we were the only Ghanaians in an area densely populated with Naijas. And back then, the ‘Ghana Must Go’ war was still prevalent so it made sense to stick together.

Fastforward 14 years and Koby Adom is a rising star in the film directing industry and I’m really proud of all that he has achieved so far. He’s currently in South Africa filming my favourite Young Adult Novel, Noughts and Crosses – you better believe I’ll be the first to watch it when it comes out! I really believe that it’s just the beginning for Koby and that he’s gonna go the distance. We’re all rooting fo you!

Emmanuel Imani

The funny man at college who got me in trouble with my Biology teacher. In fact, I remember before we were banned from sitting next to each other in class, he revealed the trouble he was having when he made the decision to become an actor instead of pursuing a career in Medicine, like many British-African children.

How many of you have had to battle with your parents over your chosen career path? Let me know in the comments!

So to go from watching his A-level drama performances to seeing him in BBC dramas on TV really warmed my heart. The struggle was real but he pursued what he loved and I’m so glad that he persevered and is seeing the fruition of his labour.

Make sure you let your friends know how proud of them you are before the year is up! Celebrating others is never a bad idea.

Merry Christmas, Helen x


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