Blogmas #6 – 2 Couples I’m Grateful for

Most people who relocate have their nearest and dearest back home – wherever that is. Expats get used to seeing friends come and go regularly and so we can often set our expectations low when it comes to forming friendships. Relationships are typically seasonal and short, meaning any genuine ones are both a bonus and a blessing. God clearly loves us a lot because Mass and I have been lucky to find not just one but a pair of couples who ‘feel like home’ out here in the UAE.

The Espadas

Massimo and Obed used to work together at the same international school – they were in the same House. They got chatting, quickly discovered they both love Jesus and we were subsequently invited to their house the following week for their daughter’s 1st birthday party. After spending more time with Shar, we discovered we have unhealthy passions for sleep and for noodles. Coincidence? I think not.

What I’ve learned from them: how to host. Obed and Shar guys are amazing at inviting people over to their house, even if they’ve literally just met them. They make you feel welcome instantly and really invest time into getting to know people. They are also amazing parents and make having a child look easy. Definitely striving to be more like them in 2019.

Christmas Eve on the beach
Paint and Sip

What characteristics do you admire about your friends? How can you incorporate them next year?

The Clarkes

I met Aysha at a coffee morning. Neither of us were working at the time so why not meet other women and sip lattes? We got chatting, realised we’re both lived in London at some point and are both Ghanaian, kinda. A match made in Heaven.

Our hubbies met at a ‘coffee morning ladies+husbands meet up’; Luke and Massimo bonded over the fact that they were coerced into coming and clearly didn’t want to be there. Now they’re inseparable.

What I’ve learned from them: you don’t have to be Christian to have a good marriage. Aysha and Luke have such an inspiring marriage because you can see that they actually get on as friends first (so important). They have chosen to be together so they make things work. Simple. I’m just grateful that I get to be part of their journey!

Eating Korean
A night out on the town!

Try telling your friends how they’ve inspired you throughout the year this festive season!

Merry Christmas Eve! Helen x


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