Blogmas #7 – 1 Reason for the Season!

So thinking I would be able to blog on Christmas Day was a little ambitious… But hey, Boxing Day is still technically Christmas right? I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

Anyway, this is my final post in my Blogmas Series! I made it! Woop!

The World has made Christmas about so many things: Santa Claus, presents, food. Once we hit mid-November, people can literally lose their minds (and savings) with finding that perfect gift and planning the perfect day. We tend to associate Christmas with consumerism and feel like Christmas isn’t complete if we haven’t got excess stuff or if we haven’t overindulged in some way.

I decided to spend Christmas in Abu Dhabi this year and I can admit that the lead up to Christmas ‘didn’t really feel like Christmas’ because I didn’t spend time at countless Christmas parties stuffing my face with food. How awful is that?

What’s your Christmas downfall? Mine is food for sure! Let me know in the comments.

We’ve also made Christmas about family which sound good in theory but is also not what Christmas is about. Don’t get me wrong, I love how Christmas brings family and friends together as well as how people tend to be nicer and more caring around the holiday season. It’s a reflective time where people realise how blessed they are and want to, in turn, bless those closest to them. These are all great things about this time of year but these are traditions we have rather than what Christmas is actually about.

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Christmas is all about Jesus.

All of the glitz and glamour, the presents, the food, the family, the homes we meet in, the cars we travelling, the money we spend, none of it would be made possible without Jesus. Because He absolutely loves us, He willingly entered this world so that He could ultimately have a relationship with us. And what’s a relationship based on? Love, communication, trust etc.

So although there are so many distractions surrounding the Christmas holiday, I hope you have time to acknowledge that the true reason, the only reason for the season is Jesus Christ. I hope your love for Him grows as you get to know Him. I pray that you are in constant communication with Him and that you can trust Him with your whole heart, mind and soul.

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Love you all xx


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