24 hours in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Only have 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Not sure what to do? Confused about how to best spend your time? Don’t worry, I’ve got your itinerary sorted.

Early Morning (7-9am): Breakfast

Although there are so many amazing Airbnb’s going cheap in Malaysia, I recommend staying somewhere with breakfast included if you’re only there for a day. If not, keep it simple and eat somewhere local that serves Nasi Lamak for breakfast!

Morning (10-11.30pm): Illusion 3D Art Museum

After brekkie, get yourself down to the Central Market Annexe on Jalan Hang Kasturi to see the hand-painted optical illusions. It’s 50MYR to enter for non-Malaysian adults (about £10 or 50AED) and prices vary based on nationality and occupation status (if you’re a student, don’t forget your ID!). You’ll need about an hour and a half here, especially if you choose to do the augmented reality experience where you get to act a smooth fool in virtual scenarios.

Afternoon (12.30-2pm): Petronas Twin Towers

Massimo and I outside the Petronas Twin Towers

If you’ve only got 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur, it would be criminal if you didn’t visit the Petronas Twin Towers and get one of these pictures for the gram. This was taken at the front but there’s also an option to take it from the back if you walk through the mall. Whichever you choose, there will be some street vendors nearby selling magnifying glass-looking contraptions that allow you to get the whole tower in shot (although they will do it for you to demonstrate anyway, and that’s free). It’s up to you if you’d like to purchase tickets to go up the Twin Towers, but if you’re following this itinerary then there is no real need. Keep reading to find out why…

Afternoon (3-4pm): China Town

After crawling along the floors at the Illusion 3D Art Museum and vogueing in front of the Twin Towers, you’ll probably be hungry. Head to China town for their legendary Beef Noodles; I’d recommend dining at Shin Kee Beef Noodle Specialist but only if you want to tantalise your tastebuds, of course. You get to choose the type of noodle, the style of beef and whether you want it dry or as a soup. A small bowl cost all of 8MYR and it’s 10MYR for the large (about £1.50 or 8AED). An absolute steal for foodies like me. And sooooo tasty!

Evening (5-7pm): Heli

Remember when I said you don’t need to go to the observation deck at the Petronas Twin Towers? So here’s why. You can visit Heli instead.

In the middle of KCC, there’s a bar with a helipad on the top, giving you panoramic views of the whole city (including the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and the Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower). The best news is it’s free to enter the bar, although you do need to purchase a drink to go up. The beers and cocktails start at 30MYR (about £6 or 30AED) which almost sounds too good to be true. Make sure your cameras are charged well because there’s loads to capture. At if you go at my suggested times, you will see views of the city at both day and night time.

Tips for visiting Heli:

  • Check the weather forecast before going as the helipad area will be closed if it’s raining
  • Buy a colourful drink so your pictures look uber cool

Evening/Night (8-11pm): Sae Ma Eul Korean BBQ

Sae Ma Eul Korean restaurant is a hidden gem. It’s a bit off the beaten track and is therefore brimming with locals and Korean expats (so you know the food is authentic). If you like a good Korean barbecue then this it definitely the place for you. I’ll warn you though, the portions are healthy so make sure your eyes aren’t too big for your belly or you’ll end up defeated like I was…

There you go! You’ll still have plenty of time to get home and rest up before travelling to your next destination plus you’ll visit the main touristy sights whilst eating like a local.

Please let me know in the comments section if you have followed my itinerary and what you’ve thought of it. If you’ve already been to Malaysia, which place was your favourite?

I hope you enjoyed this entry and have found/will find it useful. Make sure you come back for my next one, ’48 hours in Singapore.’

Love you guys, Helen x


16 thoughts on “24 hours in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

      1. To be fair it was never a part of the world my family was ever that interested in so we travelled a fair bit but never south east Asia. As for now, it’s literally only money – and living in London! I do plan to see a lot of the world though in 2020/2021 😀 x


      2. Yeah, I hear you. I didn’t go to Asia till I was 25. And living in London! I completely get it, you end up spending more on TfL than a holiday 🙄
        SE Asia is expensive to fly to from London but it’s so cheap when you get there so you don’t need as much as money as some other places. As for 2020/2021, where are you planning on going? Xx


      3. TfL is the worst 😫 I’ve heard that about SE Asia – I’d love to go that way for the Grand Prix one year! In the next few years I really want to see South America and more places in the middle East like Oman. Top of my list though is Baku. I really want to go there ASAP! 🤩


      4. Ooooh South America. I’ve only been to one country there and I loved it, definitely going back soon. I’ve also been to Oman (I live in Abu Dhabi so it’s a road trip away), such a beautiful country. I’m hoping to go to Salalah as I’ve heard really good things about it. Baku sounds fun, I’ve never considered going there before though… Why Baku? Xx


      5. Oh wow that’s amazing! I love that area of the world so much – the food and history especially! I love Abu Dhabi too, I visited there last year. I love the way cities develop over time and I think Baku is really up and coming 🙂 I’d love to visit for a GP initially but now I’ve become so interested in counties involved in the Silk Road especially Azerbaijans part! I’d like to visit Pakistan one day as well for the same reasons! X


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