48 Hours in Singapore

2 days in Singapore? Not sure what to do? There are so many sights to see in this city and unfortunately, you won’t get to see them all in 48 hours. But if you want to make the most of the time you do have and are unsure about how to distribute your time effectively, then you’ve come to the right place; I’ve got your itinerary sorted. If you also plan on spending time in Malaysia, you can find my itinerary for Kuala Lumpur here.

Day 1

Morning (8-10am) – Breakfast

I always recommend staying somewhere with breakfast included if you only have a short amount of time in your destination. That way, its fuss free and you can stuff your face to the point where you’re not hungry until dinner time.

Late Morning/Afternoon (11-1pm) – Marina Bay Sands

Sands Sky Park is the perfect introduction into Singapore. The Observation Deck costs S$23 for an adult (about £13 or 65AED) but there are discounts and offers so make sure you check out the website to see if you are eligible. Sands Sky Park gives you breathtaking panoramic views of the city – including the Gardens by the Bay – with information about everything in your scope. You’re not gonna want to forget your camera, tripod or selfie stick on this excursion!

Tips: from The Shoppes at Marina Bay (the shopping centre attached to Marina Bay Sands hotel) you can catch a boat ride to Marina Bay Sands. This is particularly beautiful at after sunset when the city lights come on and at 8pm and 9pm (and 10pm on Friday and Saturdays only), there are light and water shows.

If you can afford to stay at the hotel, there is an infinity pool on the observation deck and you also have free access to the Sky Park.

Afternoon (2-3pm) – The Wired Monkey

Singapore is hottttt! And if you’ve been on that observation deck for two hours, you can cool down and relax your naarves at The Wired Monkey on Dunlop Street: a very on-trend and quirky coffee shop with modern interiors and serene background music. Oh, and aircon! They have food on their menu too if you’d like a light lunch. The owner was friendly and readily gave tips on what to see and do around the city.

Afternoon (3.30-5.30pm) National Museum of Singapore

Image by life_photos_scenery

If you’re like me – and Jon Snow – and knew nothing about the origins of Singapore, the National Museum is a must-visit. It costs S$15 (about £8.50 or 43AED) for an adult but there are various discounts available. I could’ve easily spent the whole day there because there is a plethora of interesting information presented in exciting ways but time was of the essence! They cover their history, the present and give insight into where they’re heading in the future. You’ll leave impressed with how the Singaporeans have built such a beautiful and eco-friendly environment and an inclusive society that actually works.

Evening (7-9pm) – Dinner

Newton Hawker Centre

After all that reading, you’ll probably be starving. Head down to Newton Hawker Centre and eat like a local – if you can find a seat. Singapore is an expensive country and the less-wealthy Singaporeans used to eat at Hawker Stalls as they were significantly cheaper but were illegal. They have only recently been legalised, unlike chewing gum, and so they are brimming with people both locals and tourists alike. Like I find with most Asian food, the cheaper, the better and this place is no exception. Massimo and I ate too well for about S$30 (about £17 or 85AED) including two massive Tiger beers. Each…

When I travel, there are some things I always have to do. I love culture so no matter where I am, I must visit a historical museum, eat with the locals and check out the night life. Massimo loves coffee shops so if we’re travelling together, we always find ourselves in some. What sorts of things are intrinsic to your travel journeys?

Night (10 till late) – Smoke and Mirrors

Another place that comes recommended (we didn’t get a chance to visit ourselves) is Smoke and Mirrors. With views of the Marina at night, you can witness the light show from the bar. Oh and happy hour is from 8pm.

Day 2

Morning (7-9am) – Breakfast

You’re gonna need an early breakfast on Day 2 if you’re following this itinerary, my friend. Find somewhere local and cheap because you can guarantee two things: tasty food and generous portions.

However, if you do want to splash out on your last day, I’d recommend Symmetry in Bugis. International cuisine, an artsy feel and friendly staff. Bit on the pricey side but, hey, when in Singapore…

Morning/Afternoon (10-6pm) – Sentosa

I’m annoyed we didn’t get to go here because we just didn’t have enough time, but this was recommended by everyone who had been to Singapore before us. So please go on my behalf.

Image by Will Treuttner

Sentosa is an adventure park with plenty of attractions to suit everyone’s taste. There’s a dolphin island, a skywalk trail, indoor skydiving and so many more that I don’t have enough space to mention here but you can check their website for the full list of activities. It’s free to enter but you’ll need to pay for attractions and food separately (and you know Singapore ain’t cheap)! Click here to find out how to get there.

Dinner (8-10pm) – Chilli Crab at Jumbo

The owner of Wired Monkey informed us about this place. According to him, Jumbo is the best place to eat their national dish: chilli crab. But best also means expensive and this place really put a hole in our pockets, costing S$180 (about £100 or 500AED). But when I tell you this food tasted as though it had dropped from heaven, I’m not lying. Budget accordingly and give this place your coins.

Night (10 till late) – Blu Jaz Cafe

You can’t go to Singapore and not get a Singapore Sling.

I’m not sure what time you’ll be leaving Singapore the next day and if you can afford to have another night out but if you can, hit up Blu Jaz Cafe on Bali Lane (Little India). They have a live jazz band on weekends and good happy hour deals. It’s normally packed so make sure you get there at a decent time or you may struggle to get a seat!

There you have it guys, that’s my itinerary for the amazing Singapore. I had a great time out there even without doing all the things mentioned here. If you plan on using my itinerary and find it useful, please let me know in the comments section below!

Have you been to Singapore before? What did you think of it?

To come: 72 Hours in Penang and 48 Hours in Langkawi! If you can’t wait for these posts, I microblogged my time in Malaysia and Singapore on my Instagram. You can follow me @hdebrahampofo!

Love you guys, Helen x


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