48 Hours in Langkawi, Malaysia

Two whole days in beautiful Langkawi? Not sure what the plan is? Have no fear, I have the perfect itinerary for you below. Make sure you check out my previous posts too: ‘24 hours in Kuala Lumpur,’ ‘48 Hours in Singapore‘ and ‘72 Hours in Penang!

I see you, new followers! You are SO welcome! xx

Day 1

Morning (8-10am): Breakfast

My wonderful Airbnb came with breakfast on both mornings, however, if it didn’t, you would have found me at Red Tomato. If you’ve read my other Malaysia/Singapore blogposts, you’ll know that this place is my kinda vibe. I think you can always tell how good a breakfast joint is by the picture of their eggs benedictIf you can’t find one, steer well clear.

Afternoon (12am-5pm): Sky Bridge

Image by @unterwegs_auf_reisen on Instagram

Can you imagine, this place was actually closed when we visited Langkawi? If we hadn’t initially booked our Airbnb and flights prior to the trip, we would have sacked it off like we were told many others had once they learned of this news. The Sky Bridge is the #1 attraction in Langkawi and with good reason; it’s definitely worth going back to the island just for this but it was still a worthwhile visit without it.

A standard ticket for a non-Malaysian adult is 55MYR (£11 or 55AED) but prices vary based on the type of package, age and nationality. You can find the ticket pricing from the official website here.

Evening (6-8pm): Restoran Kak Yan Nasi Campur

The owner of my Airbnb homestay also owned this restaurant. It was always packed with locals which means only one thing: authentic, tasty Malaysian cuisine that’s easy on the pocket. Because Langkawi is an Island right at the top of Malaysia (right underneath Thailand), there are many more Indigenous Malay people here and their food reflects this. If you want traditional Malay cuisine, this is the place to be!

Night Life (10-late): One Love Reggae Bar & Club

I don’t what Malaysia’s obsession is with Reggae but one of these bars can be found in each of the cities I’ve visited. And they’re always floating on the Trip Advisor recommended lists. One Love Reggae happens to be #1 in Langkawi. You know what to do.

Day 2

My Traditional Malay Airbnb Homestay

Morning (8-10am): Smiling Buffalo

Again, I didn’t eat here because my breakfast was provided but the food at Smiling Buffalo looks incredible and they have good reviews. Make sure you check this place out for the both of us.

Late Morning/Afternoon (11am-2pm): Crocodile Adventureland

This is where I ended up holding a 3-year old crocodile and throwing across the room when it made a sudden jerk. Luckily, the caretaker caught him by the tail otherwise I would have ended up croc food for sure! Other than this nerve-wracking experience, I had an awesome time at the Crocodile Adventureland (I promise!). There was loads to learn about crocodiles in general and also those in residence specifically, including one with a disability. We fed some, saw one of their penises in a jar and watched a show where one of the trainers successfully lay on a crocodile’s back. Definitely worth a visit!

Tickets range from 25-80 MYR (£5-£16 or 25-80AED) depending on nationality and choice of package.

Afternoon (3-6pm): Cenang Beach

Cenang is the main tourist location in Langkawi and there’s so much to do at the beach. You can book tours and activities such as paragliding and other water sports on the main strip. At night, there are loads of restaurants and bars where you can chill out and smoke shisha if you’re into it (I can’t stand the stuff, or shall I say it can’t stand me…).

Evening (7-9pm): Cactus

This place is actually lit. Some of the best food I tasted in all of Malaysia. I have nothing else to say.

Night Life (10-late): Au Chong

If you have time before your flight, Au Chong is not far from Cactus. You can walk or get a grab and enjoy their cool beach vibes and local cocktails. A perfect place to end your trip to Langkawi!

If you could only choose one of these places to go to -Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Penang or Langkawi- which one would it be and why? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading about my trips around Malaysia and Singapore! I hope I’ve inspired you to go or reignited memories if you’ve been already. Make sure you come back in July for all things wedding-related; I’ll be back in London for my sister’s wedding so there’ll be loads of content coming your way. I’ll be a ‘tourist in my own city’ too so make sure you follow me on Instagram to see how I experience London as a foreigner!

Love you guys, Helen x


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